AquaDry Systems is a revolutionary portable hydronic system which uses focused high energy to efficiently dry out structures.

It is safe, versatile, non-intrusive and environmentally friendly. It is cost efficient saving both the operator and customer time and money.

The AquaDry System normally can dry a structure in two days or less. This is at least a 60% improvement in dry times compared with other systems/methods.

The following are typical examples of AquaDry System set ups:

Drying Out an Entire Structure

How to dry out a whole home after a flood and water damage

Drying Out a Single Room

How to dry out a single room after a flood and water damage

Drying Out a Crawl Space or Basement

How to dry out a basement or crawlspace after a flood and water damage

The AquaDry central heating module encloses an open-flame hydronic water heater which heats the transfer fluid. This heated fluid is then pumped through fluid circulation system loops to portable heat exchangers.

The portable heat exchangers deliver high CFM, hot, low RH (relative humidity) air into the wet environment. The hot air raises the dew point in the structure, allowing for rapid evaporation from the wet building materials. The exchangers are effectively positioned to provide pressurization on target wet zones directly.

Uniform air circulation created by air movers and well placed, multiple heat exchangers within the structure helps promote rapid and uniform moisture capture.

Postive structure pressure results in the saturated air being effectively exhausted out of the structure through selected ventilation points.

As long as the temperature within the space to be dried is higher than the ambient temperature, an accelerated rate of drying will be achieved. The flexiblity of the system configuration results in faster drying times with few "hot pockets."