We offer a variety of AquaDry equipment to meet all of your drying needs. Our product knowledge and support will continue long after you purchase your AquaDry System.

AquaDry Systems For Sale & Rent

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AquaDry MP6

The AQUADRY MP6 is ideal for drying residential homes and small commercial buildings and is available in an open trailered unit.

It dries up to 6,000 SF and runs on 110 volt electricity.

AquaDry MD30

The AQUADRY MD30 is complete and self sufficient with a 13 KW diesel generator. This is the ideal machine for the commercial restoration professional! Just pull up, set up and dry!

The MD30 is capable of drying up to 30,000 SF of space.

AquaDry MP45

The AQUADRY MP45 runs on propane or natural gas.

This system is capable of drying up to 45,000 SF.

AquaDry MD60

The AQUADRY MD60 is perhaps the most powerful drying machine ever created!

Complete with a large diesel generator, it is completely self sufficent. Just pull up, set up and dry everything in sight.

This machine can dry up to 60,000 SF of space with little or no problem.

AquaDry DECU

Always on the cutting edge, AQUADRY has debuted it's new hepa filtration heating exchanger which is perfect for irredication of bacteria.

Capable of producing 1000 CFM, this unit is perfect for drying out wet spaces in need of air filtration.