A few examples of the types of jobs AquaDry Midwest can tackle.

Tornado Damage Near Clearwater Leak

Working with our friends at American Enterprise, we dryed out a house that had several trees fall on it during a tornado. Using out instruments we determined that about one fourth of the house was exposed to rain water so we set up a drying chamber using polly.

We utilized axial and snout fans to dry the structure. It was dry in three days thanks to good outside conditions.

Sump-pump Failure After Power Outage in Brownsburg

This is one of several houses we tackled in Brownsburg. A power outage had caused over three hundred homes to flood due to sump pump failure. Due to road flooding, we had to carry sump-pumps to start pumping out the basement which had about 6 inchs of water in it.

After the city of Brownsburg got the drains clear we could move in with our equipment and started extracting the water with our truckmount as well as a hydroX. Once the water was extracted we began setting up fans and talked to the home owner about using one of our AquaDry Systems. She told us we had two days to dry the house because she was trying to sell in and had an appointment set up to show the house. With the AquaDry system we were able to meet that deadline.

Drying Flood Damaged Houses in Franklin

Working with our friends at American Enterprise AquaDry Midwest tackled serveral drying jobs in Franklin. With these jobs we were drying the floorboards, studs and attempting to save a few walls. All the jobs used AquaDry Systems and fans.

All the houses had been sitting for a week or more so we had to biocide them. American Enterprise cut out any mold growth after the biocide was applied, the area was pollied off and dryed with heat.